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Sévigné Vermeer

The Vermeer Sévigné is a piece of jewelry designed for the Dutch Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition” in Tokyo, Japan in 2012.

The shape op the design is inspired by Vermeer’s painting “girl with the pearl earring.

The piece is handmade and the materials used are silver, zirconia and a natural sweet water pearl.

The jewel can be ordered upon request in silver or white gold.

Photo by Marijke Aerden

Total Acces Jewelry

Total Acces Jewelry is a series of stylized keys which can be worn as jewelry.

Some keys are adorned by cameo style silhouettes, others have a large reflective surface.

The keys can be worn as a necklace or form a closure for a bracelet.

The large rings can be used to link the set together.

Photo by Marjan Holmer

Little Boxes

The Little Boxes are a set of 3d printed jewelry boxes designed by Thomas Eurlings in 2010.

By using the 3d printing technique it is possible to create filigree like patterns.

The diamond pattern and silhouettes are characteristic for Thomas’ work.

Photo by Rene Mesman

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Ribbon Carpet

The Ribbon carpet was initially designed for the residence of the Dutch ambassador in Tokyo (Japan).

As the name suggests the pattern is inspired by ribbons that are woven in an random pattern.

The depth of the pattern is enhanced by silk and wool, materials that reflect different in the light.

The carpet is available upon request in different colors and sizes and is produced by Dutch manufacturer Marc Janssen.

Visual by Dijana Alagic

Gradient Curtain

The gradient curtain and carpet were  custom made for Brainport Development Eindhoven.

The colorful gradient which fades to white on top makes the space in which it is installed seem higher.

The acoustics in the room improved by using textile in stead of wallpaper.

The colors of the curtains and carpet were chosen to match the corporate identity of the company.

Photo by Taco van der Werf

Perfume bottle

In 2008 Thomas Eurlings was asked to design the perfume bottle for Dutch fashion label orson+bodil.

The limited edition flask is made of crystal and has a porcelain stopper.

The stopper is made by Royal Tichelaar Makkum and has an unique hand painted number on top.

Photo by Blommers-Schumm

Full Length Fading Mirror


The full length fading mirror was designed by Thomas Eurlings in 2014.

The large mirror has a silk screened gradient beneath the glass which gives it it’s unique appearance.

The mirror is 160cm high and 55cm wide and is available in black and white.

The mirror can either be mounted on a wall or lean against it.

The fading mirror is distributed worldwide by the French design label ENO studio.

Photo by ENO Studio

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