Gradient Curtain

The gradient curtain and carpet were  custom made for Brainport Development Eindhoven.

The colorful gradient which fades to white on top makes the space in which it is installed seem higher.

The acoustics in the room improved by using textile in stead of wallpaper.

The colors of the curtains and carpet were chosen to match the corporate identity of the company.

Photo by Taco van der Werf

Perfume bottle

In 2008 Thomas Eurlings was asked to design the perfume bottle for Dutch fashion label orson+bodil.

The limited edition flask is made of crystal and has a porcelain stopper.

The stopper is made by Royal Tichelaar Makkum and has an unique hand painted number on top.

Photo by Blommers-Schumm

Brainport Development

Brainport Development moved into a new office in Eindhoven in 2009.

The main structure of the office  was there but Thomas Eurlings was asked to design some key places within the interior.

The meeting rooms, waiting and lounge-area and main corridors were styled with furniture that reflected the identity of the company.


Photo’s by Taco van der Werf